#ChloéGirl: New Sorbet Shades SS 2017 Looks For Girls

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Super excited that the newest collection from Chloé has arrived at our fab affiliate partner ChildrenSalon.com! 

As you already know, we do receive financial contributions whenever you purchase merchandise recommended by us here linking to our affiliate partner at ChildrenSalon.com.  So we thank you! 

Chloé SS 2017 Looks For Girls

For the spring and summer 2017 season, ChildrenSalon.com will be the ultimate place to shop for Chloé collection of Sorbet Shades!! Shop the Chloé collection at ChildrenSalon.com 

This new Chloé collection is super chic including so pretty and relaxed. Usually, kids clothes designers don’t always offer the best of both worlds. This time the clothes are “pretty and relaxed” is what Chloé has managed to pull off with their new SS 2017 collection. 

The best part about this collection is that the clothes are also timeless and girls will be able to wear them again next season or gently pass them on to another child. 

Shop the Chloé collection at ChildrenSalon.com


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