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It’s prom season and many schools are now hosting kiddie proms and graduations for younger children. 

Pre-schoolers are moving to elementary school and elementary kids advancing to middle school. 

Having a school prom for younger kids is simply the norm these days. 

Senior year is no longer just for high school teens. Hosting a kiddie prom creates immense excitement and forever memories. 

Perfect Kiddie Prom

  • Create Prom Theme

Every prom needs an amazing theme. Consider turning the most recent popular blockbuster movie or broadway show for kids into a prom theme! 

  • Send Prom Inventions

Make sure that invitations are festive and theme related.

  • Organize Prom Fundraiser 

Allow the enthusiasm about the prom to help raise money for special school related causes. Set a cover charge for attendance as a fundraiser.

  • Prom Music 

Make sure to include a Live DJ that specializes in kids parties. Proving age appropriate music. 

  • Prom Games 

Include plenty of games and theme related activities.

  • Prom Royal Court 

Crown the top Prom King and Queen for their fundraising efforts. The two students who raise the most money will be named King and Queen. 

  • Prom Photo Booth 

Setup a photo booth to take Prom pictures.

  • Prom Dessert Table 

Kids will love the dessert table with goodies like chocolate fountains and sweet candy treats.  Plus, don’t  forget to include the goodie bags! Pack bags with useful and meaningful items.

Happy Promo Season! 

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