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It took only a few years for Kim Kardashian West and her partner-in-fashion hubby Kanye West to create TheKidsSupply, a game changer in kids clothing. Particularly, for how parents will now dress babies and toddlers in the future. 

Before they collaborated together on their own kids line KIDS SUPPLY, the power couple was always known for dressing their daughter North West in funky baby clothes and often in all black fashion. 

When Saint West was born, he became the poster child of stylish newborn baby clothes for boys. As parents Kim and Kanye are totally disrupting the children’s wear industry. 


Ditching traditional cute baby clothes for more unique baby clothes. Creating a hot demand for children clothing that is cutting edge chic. Even meeting the need to invent toddler clothing that is mini-edgy but still age appropriate with a swag. 

Now parents everywhere will be able to finally emulate custom pieces for kids clothes.  Kim tweeted online before the launch date:

“All of my friends would ask where we get our kids clothes so now they will be available! Tomorrow’s drop is so sick! Just a hint…Calabasas”

KIDS SUPPLY is available exclusively online at TheKidsSupply.com. The prices ranges from $22 to $240 for ultra trendy parents with super stylish kids that swag out. 

CharmPosh.com gives TheKidsSupply an A+ and calls this new kids line the Tesla of kids clothes! Congrats to both Kim and Kanye along with their stylish youngsters… Can’t wait to see what North and Saint will inspire next! 

Hurry these pieces are expected to sell out really fast…


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