Six Best Innovative Kids Clothes Marketing Secrets To Drive In-Store Traffic

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One of the most urgent concerns for many local brick and mortar retailers operating in the kids clothes industry, is “how to drive in-store traffic” prompting parents to visit and make impulsive purchases. The good news is creating an innovative marketing campaign strategy is the big secret sauce, presenting best solutions that can attract customers  to a kids clothing brick and mortar location.

A common mistake that mainly kids clothes brick and mortar retailers can make is not focusing enough on driving their in-store traffic. Failing to track, measure, and hold their retail locations for accountability when it comes to generating revenue. These can be the main reasons that kids clothes retail stores often close, despite having good community support. This sums up why your favorite kids clothing store went out of business or is struggling to keep the doors open.

Kids Clothes Marketing Secrets

# 1. Control Online Reputation Management 

Why is this important? Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks up your kids clothes business online. Having a marketing strategy for controlling your online reputation is essential to drive in-store traffic to a retail location.

Peg Fitzpatrick just discussed how small business can fix their Yelp reputation. Revealing,  a study conducted by Nielsen, a whopping 85 percent of consumers find local business information online, where reviews, store hours, deals and maps are just a click away. Nielson also found, “More than half (51%) of Yelp users make their purchase decisions after visiting the site. The figure for mobile Yelpers, however is a little higher.

If you want to drive traffic in-store for your kids clothes business, your online reputation must be a major piece of your marketing strategy action plan.

# 2. Tell A Stunning Visual Offering Story 

Keep in mind location, location, location is everything for a kids clothes retail spot. Make sure that you tell a stunning destination story through visual exposure to attract parents that will want to visit your kids store and purchase specialty offerings.

Make sure to always incorporate a stunning visual offering story with themes in your window display or in-store display area. If their are popular restaurants or local area attractions include these elements in your stunning visual offering story. For example show a visual image of seasonal kids clothes trends to wear when visiting local area attractions and dinning at nearby popular restaurants. Give parents and kids a visual invitation purpose to visit your kids store location and want to try on clothes for making purchases in-store.

# 3. Provide In-Store Family V.I.P Membership Cards

This is where the in-store experience rules over online. Present parents plus kids with their very own In-Store V.I.P membership cards making them feel super special. Kids will often want to tell and show their V.I.P membership card to other kids, prompting other families to want to visit your kids store for their royal treatment. This special V.I.P membership card can allow for extra savings, insider exclusives, etc.

Don’t miss out on the social media exposure, request to take their picture showing off your in-store V.I.P card membership. An excellent solution to drive more in-store traffic!

# 4. Become The Kids Clothes Expert

Become the expert authority for kids clothes in your local area. Present kids fashion shows to promote the kids clothes in your store.  Launch a Kids Fashion Board by holding auditions in-store to get parents and kids involved.  Take expertise to new levels by also offering kids clothes consultations! Never stop conducting research for which kids clothes are the hottest fashion trends, constantly stay in the know.

# 5. Host A Seasonal Event Luncheon

Hold a special events luncheon to introduce new kids clothes seasonal selections available in-store! Create anticipation for luncheon events to visit your kids store to purchase new kids clothes trends and merchandise. Creating hype for limited editions and purchase only in-store….Drive traffic to your kids store!!

# 6. Be Relevant In The Community 

Invest in community empowerment equity for the kids clothes niche. Make sure that your kids clothes business is relevant in the community and always stay involved in community events. Create community outreach campaigns for kids clothing focus and offer community support to charity organizations. Ongoing community involvement is a tremendous resource to drive more in-store traffic.

Best of luck! 

Do you have any special marketing strategies that work to drive in-store traffic? Please tell us!

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