Our Three Fave Places To Resell Kids Clothes

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When it comes to reselling kids clothes, the platform is everything! For moms plus dads, reselling kids clothes is a new sport. It’s similar to winning a bet or getting a major return on your investment. Hitting the jackpot! As we all know “kids clothes” are serious financial investments these days and being able to resell what you purchase is a win-win return. 

Resell Kids Clothes 

As the weather turns much warmer and hot for summer most kids will need new clothes. This is the perfect time to resell kids clothes that are too small from last season.

Right now we have three fave places that we like best for reselling kids clothes. These are the top three fave places we love to resell kids clothes, the best experience and superiority you will find anywhere!

First Place: Kidizen

Deemed 1) a MARKETPLACE that provides a storefront for moms to independently create and run, earn money and find the latest styles for their kids, 2) a COMMUNITY that connects moms with other moms through shared experiences and a shared sense of style, and 3) a PLATFORM that provides a safe venue where moms can express themselves and go through the joys and challenges of motherhood together. Download their app in Apple or Google Play Store for mobile use.

Second Place: ENVIE

ENVIE is a mom to mom marketplace app to buy and sell gently preloved brand kids clothes and shoes in the United States, I was actually able to get some sandals for bunions on this website and people with bunion problems know how hard it is to find these types of shoes . Download the app on your iPhone (sorry, they are not available on Android yet), and sign up to log in to the app.

Third Place: Reshopper

Already more than 75.000 parents use Reshopper each week to buy and sell used children items and connect with families in their local community. The app is available on Apple and Google Play to buy and sell used children items – easy and safe in your own city.

Whats’s your favorite place to resell kids clothes? Tell us we would love to hear about it! 

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