Hello Summer Five Essentials For Kids Clothes

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Hello Summer! There are simply five summer essentials for kids clothes during hot weather! Including these five things in your child’s wardrobe will score best dressed honors every time, from play dates to birthday parties…

When it comes to kids fashion having the right pieces make all the  difference. If you want your child to always look exceptionally chic and hip…please include this list of five essentials to add for making cool summer fashion statements. 

Hello Summer 

Five Essentials For Kids Clothes….

La Coqueta Kids Spring Summer 2017

1. Summer Hats 

2. Summer Tops

3. Summer Bottoms

4. Summer Shoes

5. Summer Accessories 

La Coqueta, a leading designer fashion brand for babies and children aged 0 months to 10 years was founded in 2013 with the aim to promote and support Spanish design and craftsmanship. Every element of the collection is “Proudly made in Spain” from the choice of cloth to the design and finish of every piece. Every garment’s origin can be traced back to a Spanish family run business and the skills and methods used are centuries old. Their kids clothing and shoes are beautifully made, functional and hard-wearing. As a mother of five, Celia Munoz, Founder and Creative Director, knows how important it is to find easy care clothes that stand the test of time, can be passed on to the next baby and still look great.

Happy Summer! 

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