Fall and Winter 80’s 2.0 Girls Fashion

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For the Fall and Winter season 2017 girls fashion will take a wild trip down fast memory lane in style. Where girls fashion will return to the 80’s in retro style. Except this time around it’s the 80’s 2.0 because now girls are the ones riding on skateboards! 

80’s 2.0 Girls Fashion

A cool night club vibe for fun thrilling adventures, it’s going to be “totally the 80’s” but in 2.0 all over again! 

Little Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2017 

  1. Big Hair Don’t Care 
  2. Cool Good Girls 
  3. Graffiti Style Inspired 
  4. Natural Clubbing Tulle 
  5. Bomber metallic Thrills


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CharmPosh Editors Pick 

Little Marc Jacobs Girls Swan Dress 



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