New Gucci Mini Josephine Looks

If you absolutely loved seeing all the “Gucci Mini Josephine” looks on Beyoncé and Blue Ivy…then these newest must haves will send you into utter shock. 

Gucci Mini Josephine

After Blue Ivy started wearing matching Gucci pieces with her celebrity mom and ultimate entertainer Beyoncé….every mother and daughter duo in the world wanted to wear matching Gucci Mini Josephine looks! 


Alert! Ring the alarm these are‘s exclusives first reveal for what celebrity moms will be rocking on social media. Imagine if you purchase right now, right here TODAY and put your own mother-daughter duo image wearing  Gucci Mini Josephine looks on Instagram, Facebook, etc. before even Beyoncé and Blue Ivy or other celebrity moms! 

Hurry act fast and buy now, these pieces will sell out super fast. Restocking is never any guarantee, once they sell out…gone forever! 

Gucci Mini Josephine Dress


Gucci Mini Josephine Blouse


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