Bake Sunday Organic Ombré Pancakes With Foodstirs

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Would you love to celebrate Sunday brunch at home relaxing over beautiful Organic Ombré pancakes? We seriously thought the sound of that would get you out of bed and into the kitchen to start baking. Make it a family affair with our sponsors for this feature Foodstirs, the masters of making baking with kids quality family time. These artisan pancakes are so very pretty and taste even better than they look!

Bake Sunday Organic Ombré Pancakes

Foodstirs takes care of everything, all you ever need to do is just set up to bake at home. This amazing recipe bakes about 18 pancakes, so why not have a brunch party. Perfect also when kids have just had a sleepover and need something healthy after eating tons of  junk food all day…Once they wake up let them start baking. So when parents arrive to pick up their children they will have eaten a healthy brunch. We also strongly recommend taking along this amazing recipe on family vacations. Especially, when lodging where you have a full kitchen…Baking with kids builds so many wonderful memories.

“What you get?” 

  • Foodstirs™ Organic Sunday Stacks Pancake mix
  • Dye-Free Pink food coloring
  • 4″ pancake mold
  • 1 paper flower


Hurry, purchase your Ombré Pancake Kit from Foodstirs right now. Act fast, before this one is sold out.

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