Royalty Brown Clothing By Chris Brown’s Daughter Is Amazing

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First off, let us say we are simply amazed by Royalty Brown Clothing, a new clothing line for kids. Yes, Royalty is the three-year-old daughter turn designer of celebrity musical artist Chris Brown!

Don’t let the celebrity stardom fool you, Royalty Brown Clothing truly offers everything that any child would love and also need. Their website says, “Royalty Brown Clothing was created for the fun and energetic kid with an outgoing personality.”

We couldn’t agree more, this kids clothing line is so appealing when it come to fun and energetic kids clothing. The adorable Royalty goes by RoRo, she happens to love monsters and even personalizes many of the characters herself. The brand includes fun accessories and games that RoRo deems interesting at the time.

Royalty Brown Clothing

The brand is made in the U.S.A.

Monster Drop One Piece (CharmPosh Editor’s Pick) 

Retails for $45 (USD), fast 24-hour processing and speedy shipping.

Just like any fashion Diva, RoRo has Bestie friends that also rock Royalty Brown Clothing… On the site you can also meet her pint size crew.


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