Best Europe Family Vacations For Fall

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Europe is the best destination for family vacations in the fall, the best time for family travel! Fewer tourists, still mild temperatures and many activities to offer your children.

Poussin Voyageur offers you 5 destinations to spend your holidays in Europe or for an autumn weekend….

Best Europe Family Vacations

The Greek Island of Crete

Crystal clear water, beautiful sandy beaches and the unique panorama of the rugged mountain world: Greece’s largest and warmest island is diverse and also worth a visit in the off-season. Particularly beautiful are the winding sand beaches on the north coast. The palm trees on the bay of Grandes give the mountain scenery a touch of Caribbean flair. Here you can surf, sail, snorkel or just relax. The south, on the other hand, is characterized by a steep coast, interrupted by small bays at Agia Galini and Matala. The area is very picturesque, especially due to the impressive sandstone rocks with their famous caves.

The mild Mediterranean climate gives the island visitors themselves in October still up to 24 degrees Celsius. In addition to Cyprus, Crete is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean with up to 300 hours of sunshine a year – a great pleasure for sun lovers. If you are on the beach holiday, you should take a trip to the Landesinnere. Walking through olive groves, you can enjoy nature, who is fit enough to climb the mountain slopes and is rewarded with a spectacular view. Many holidaymakers drift along the 17-kilometer-long Samaria gorge in the south-west, which is lined with up to 600 meters of vertical rock faces. It is an impressive hike in the middle of an overwhelming natural beauty. For the less adventurous, the island offers numerous palace ruins and archaeological museums,

The Canary Island of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canary Islands after Tenerife. The temperatures are pleasant all year round. In October, the thermometer climbs to 27 degrees Celsius – the best prerequisite for letting the soul dangle in a beach chair. There is hardly a lively city life, but endless beaches, meter-high sand dune and turquoise blue water. In the crystalline Atlantic Ocean you can dive and snorkel, the steady wind attracts surfers all year round.

For active tourists who want to see more than just the beach, hikes, riding excursions or bike rides to the Landesinnere. The mountain slopes, valleys and palm groves as well as small mountain villages, fishing villages, windmills and windmills tell their own stories. The gorges and bizarre rock formations of the lava fields on the island are impressive, their volcanic origin often can not be overlooked – as can be seen also bays and beaches with almost black sand.

The Italian island of Sardinia

A bit milder than in the Canaries, it is on Sardinia – the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sunbathing and swimming is still possible here in October, even if it is somewhat cooler than on the islands in the Atlantic with temperatures up to 23 degrees Celsius. Wide white sand beaches are also available here. In the autumn they are very rarely visited even in the most famous holiday regions such as Costa Smeralda or San Teodoro. For the off-season, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance, as many hosts close early if they are not working.

Sardinia is suitable not only for a beach holiday, but also round trips by car or hiking, cycling and horseback excursions are recommended. Particularly attractive in the autumn are the numerous small festivals on the island. Here you can enjoy local specialties such as cheese, sausage, wine or olive oil.

The Portuguese City of Faro

Faro is the gateway to the Algarve. Hundreds of Englishmen, Dutch and Germans land here every day, but the tourist masses are also scattered along the Portuguese south coast just as quickly. This is a good way to see Faros in the autumn almost undisturbed by the cobbled lanes along the colorful tiled houses and enjoy the historic atmosphere. Around the marina in the middle of the city are some fine boutiques, while storks nest on the lantern poles, the winds carry the screams of the seagulls, and everyone relaxes in a café.

If you want to have dinner in a beach village on one of the islands in the Wattenmeer in front of Faro, you simply walk in the warm afternoon light through the old town via the central square Largo da Sé to the ferry landing and climb on one of the waiting boats. Especially a visit to the Ilha Deserta, the “abandoned island” is worthwhile. The feet buried in the soft sand, a cool drink in the hand and the deep blue Atlantic on all sides – almost seems as if summer could never end.

The Spanish Island of Mallorca

What seems to be too hot and too crowded in summer is a small paradise for those seeking peace: Mallorca. With a pleasant average temperature of 22 to 25 degrees Celsius and up to 25 degrees Celsius, the favorite island of the Germans in October is a real secret tip. Even for a weekend trip the island is worthwhile. The two flight hours, the now more favorable hotel finances and car rental offers and the partly manless beaches are just some of the pro arguments to travel Mallorca in the autumn.

For all hikers and cyclists, the ideal climate is now waiting to be discovered, for example the Tramuntana Mountains. Without sunshine or noonday. The old pilgrimage route from Port de Sóller to Deià is particularly recommended. On the way you will find a spectacular rocky forest as well as some olive trees, which are now harvested in autumn. Small tip: Between Palma de Mallorca and Alcúdia is the village of Inca , which is known as a craft and trading center. Here you can visit the Son Catiu mill every Wednesday at 11am and watch as olive oil is pressed.

Städtetrip: the Moroccan Marrakesh

A city of 1001 nights, with its narrow alleyways of the medina and the spicy aroma of the herbs enchants its visitors immediately. In September and October you still expect 30 degrees of average temperatures with a low rainfall rate. Later, however, you should not travel to the Moroccan city since November is one of the most rainy months.

In the colorful markets between the majestic city walls you will find a variety of Moroccan art with jewelery, carpets and lamps as well as fire-fighters, acrobats and fairy tales. Also culinary you can look forward to a whole new taste experience. Enjoy the impressive hustle and bustle with a traditional mint tea, couscous salads or juicy kebab skewers.

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