Best Apps To Check Airport Security Wait Times

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Airport security lines wait times are a worrying issue for travelers due to their record delays. There are several mobile applications that travelers can use to check security wait times. Below are some of the top apps that can help you get through airport security checkpoints faster.

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Best Apps To Check Airport Security Wait Times

Best Apps To Check Airport Security Wait Times main CharmPosh

Drum roll please….These are our fave apps when it comes to checking airport security wait times! 


MiFlight is a free mobile application although it has additional features that you may have to purchase. MiFlight delivers crowd-sourced information as it relies on information provided by travelers who are currently waiting in security checkpoints in the busiest airports in the U.S. and around the world. The app also provides domestic and world travelers with airport terminal maps.

The app has relatively more updated information and it helps users to know what to expect at security checkpoints. The app provides users with updated information on security wait times at airport security for both domestic and international airports. It also helps users to compare TSA checkpoints to other checkpoints in very busy airports and find checkpoints with less security wait times.

Fleet Security Line Wait Times

Fleet is a free mobile application that sources security wait times at airport checkpoints from travelers and official data provided by airlines. Travelers post real-time information on delays. The app provides travelers with real-time information on security wait time in airport security lines and flight delays. It also helps travelers locate their gate, terminal, and pickup points.

In addition to airport security information, the app also helps travelers to search for airport restaurants and stores during the journey. Travelers are linked with the top restaurants and shops to help them pass time as they wait for delayed flights.


Kayak is a free mobile app that relies on crowd-sourced information and TSA data to deliver security wait times at airports. Kayak users are able to post their own security wait time information. The app has a new feature that offers users estimated real-time security wait times at airport checkpoints. Users can also submit their travel plans through and be provided with a travel plan that has timely updates on security wait times, gate changes, and flight delays.

The app also includes additional airport terminal maps for some of the largest airports in the world such as Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose, Ontario, and Long Beach.


This mobile app is run by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and users can access information through the mobile app or a computer. MyTSA provides users with information on TSA security checkpoints wait times in airports, historical information on the daily use of the airport during a specific time and day, airport delay information and expected weather conditions at the airport, and a TSA Guide on preparing for security checkpoint.

The app has an integrated AskTSA function that allows users to request assistance from TSA. You can also use the “Can I bring?” function to inquire on items authorized in checkpoints. While at the airport, the app allows you to post your security wait time for other users to view.


FlightSpeak is a free mobile app that provides travelers with security wait times at 50 major airports in the U.S. The airport security information is provided through its CheckPoint feature that also allows travelers to upload their airport security data. There are plans to increase the number of airports and to include international airports around the world. The app has additional tips to assist travelers to locate restaurants, shops, stores, Wi-Fi, and other facilities.


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