Easy Mandarin Speaking Hacks For Kids

Easy Mandarin Speaking Hacks For Kids CharmPosh 2
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Learning to speak Mandarin is the hottest trend among billionaire parents. The race is on to teach kids Chinese reading and writing skills. This is a growing trend among elite wealthy families from Jeff Bezos to Ivanka Trump, these families are racing to teach their children Mandarin.

Easy Mandarin Speaking Hacks For Kids

Easy Mandarin Speaking Hacks For Kids CharmPosh

According to tutorming.com, if you are a Chinese-speaking parent who is in the process of teaching your children Mandarin Chinese, you might find that your children are far more advanced in understanding daily conversations than they are in recognizing Chinese characters. This is a common occurrence in Chinese-American households, since it is far more natural to create a learning environment for your children to develop listening and speaking skills through daily conversation.

Revealing that “no matter the age at which your children have started to learn Chinese, a solid grasp on Mandarin Chinese characters is crucial for developing reading skills. Children especially, are easily turned off by the steep learning curve of going from a phonogram-based language (English), to a logogram-based language (Chinese). If children are able to feel confident in their Chinese reading skills at the start of their Mandarin-learning journey, they will likely naturally sustain their initial enthusiasm and maintain their interest in the subject for the long term.”

Over at bilingualkidspot.com we discovered  Miss Panda for how-to introduce the Chinese language to children. A very simple solution for introduction of the Chinese language, and show you how you can teach your child Mandarin Chinese at home from ground zero. It includes free printable materials for you to keep and use to assist you on your language learning journey.

Amanda Hsiung-Blodgett is the founder of Miss Panda Chinese, where she shares Chinese language learning resources along with interviews of authors and parents on multilingual parenting strategies. Amanda is a dynamic language instructor with over 15 years experience and a mother of 2 bilingual kids.

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