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As the weather turns colder it also brings cold and flu season. Prevention is the best way to stay healthy from cold and flu this winter. Drinking hot teas at night with coconut oil and lavender honey are just a few ways to stay healthy during colder months.

Working on keeping the immune system boosted for kids and adults is very important. Especially, to prevent cold and flu or combat dealing with symptoms.

Best Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

These are some of our top picks to shop and stock up on now for natural cold and flu remedies. It’s a good idea to buy now because many sell out online because of demand. Many stores offer limited supplies of natural cold and flu remedies. Plus when your family is sick you want to act fast and without any delay.


Editor’s choice picks for the very best natural cold and flu remedies to keep your kids and family healthy all winter long. The Rogue essential oils is a must have at all times.


ROGUE 100% Pure Organic Premium Essential Oils



Sambucol Black Elderberry Cold and Flu CharmPosh

Sambucol Black Elderberry


Alkalol Solution Cold and Flu CharmPosh

Alkalol Solution 


XLEAR Natural Nasal Spray Saline CharmPosh

XLEAR Natural Nasal Spray Saline 


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