How Kidbox Works and Why Parents Need It!

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Whenever we find companies doing amazing things, we are always happy to share them. Meet Kidbox, this company offers solutions to find cool brands, meaningful savings, and unpack happiness.

In a world where parents feel the need to economize time, whilst silently wishing to help children who have less than their own, Kidbox stands out!

Kidbox has a goal- to help clothe one million children who live in too great poverty to be able to afford good quality clothing. For every box that is bought, a child in need is clothed.

How Kidbox Works?

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Kidbox has partnered up with Delivering Good, a non-profit organization which aims to donate as much new clothing to children in need as possible. So far, they have succeeded to clothe 25 000 children a year from a tragic background of poverty.

So what is Kidbox, and how does it help parents?

Kidbox sends out five boxes a year containing about 6-8 clothes from various awesome brands, at great prices. Once you receive your box, you and your child can try on the clothes, see what you like and what fits and you can buy the clothes that appeal most to you. If something doesn’t quite fit, you can arrange to swap the item for the more accurate size free of charge. You will have seven working days to try on the clothes and make your decision on what to to keep and what to return. When you make your payment for keeping a whole box, you and your child can pick which organization for Kidbox to donate to, to help them reach their goal of clothing one million children in need.

You don’t have to pay for all the clothes. Indeed, you don’t even have to pay for the shipping and the box will be shipped to you from the warehouse in 3-5 working days, you will also receive an email as soon as your kidbox ships out of the warehouse. You won’t be charged even if you choose to send back the whole box, there are no add-ons or mysterious extra fees. The benefit for both child and parent is that you economize time and minimize trouble by not having to go shopping and the home delivery means that you can try everything on immediately. Kidbox offers clothing for children in all age groups, from 2-14, and even for babies ages 0-24 months!

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When you first sign up for Kidbox, you and your child must take a quiz about your child’s likes and dislikes, what their size is and what kind of style they have. It should be done fairly easily within 3 minutes, so it isn’t any trouble and it helps the stylist pick out what to send your child.

So why should parents choose to get their Kidbox? As I mentioned before, Kidbox is working towards a huge and very admirable goal, but apart from that, there are quite a few reasons why to choose Kidbox. For some children shopping can be boring, tiring and occasionally the  results aren’t as great as you had hoped, or maybe you as a parent have trouble finding cool, yet affordable and good looking clothing from well-reputed brands. Kidbox is a very fun and helpful experience for both you and your child. Any item may be bought separately, as they have each been priced individually, but you will save the most money by buying the whole $98 Kidbox as well as being able to choose an organization to help clothe children in need.

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Doing so and having your child participate in the choice is also a really great lesson for the child. It is an opportunity to explain that other children are less fortunate than they are, show compassion and show your children that certain things can be done to collectively make life easier for less fortunate children.

If you take part in this great cause, you will only have the opportunity to bond with your child and make clothes buying fun, but also make a difference for children who live in poverty. The sign-up process is simple and the results rewarding, as stylists will have handpicked 6-7 items accordingly to the information they receive when you take the quiz. Remember, there is no need to buy everything from the box and both the shipping and return is free but buying that whole box could make all the difference in reaching the goal that Kidbox has set.

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