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fabkids solves busy parents problems when it comes to shopping for kids clothes. The perfect solution to save time, money and sanity…They know what kids love when it comes to fashion latest looks for kids. So if you really want to get your life back and stop worrying over how-to save when shopping for stylish kids clothes, let’s just say fabkids totally got you covered. Stocking all the styles your kids will want to wear.

fabkids VIP Member

fabkids VIP Member CharmPosh

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Having a fabkids VIP Membership is the best way to make sure that your kids look super fashionable and at the same time will not break the bank. The fabkids VIP Membership is special and offers some cool perks!

fabkids VIP

Stands for Very Impressive Parents!

Get Started 

Set up VIP status, start shopping the site and select from cool styles.

Shop New Arrivals Monthly 

Every month there is a new collection to select from. It’s truly like your kids will have their own personal stylist. Select from super fashionable kids clothes and well-priced to make economical sense. Every month you can choose from looks you love or even skip a month. It’s up to you choose to shop or skip by the 5th of every month to avoid a $29.95 charge. All charges become a member credit that can be spent at anytime.

Made Beautifully 

Finally age appropriate clothes made beautifully for kids. Offering comfortable and great fitting clothes that look sensational on children.

VIP Treatment 

As a  fabkids VIP member receive up to 40% off regular prices. Even get early access to exclusive collections, insider sales, and more.


Having a fabkids VIP membership is a must own for every family wanting to save on stylish kids clothes.

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