Where To Get Your Free Welcome Baby Box For Newborns

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Newborns can be expensive, which is why a free welcome baby box might come in very handy for new parents. Without healthcare the average cost of prenatal care is around $2,000. Include the cost to raise a child today and having a newborn can start to get even more expensive.

According to the Department of Agriculture families can expect to spend between $12,350 and nearly $14,000 a year, on average just to raise a child. So it certainly makes sense to get all the freebies available to welcome your newborn baby girl or boy in style.

Free Welcome Baby Box For Newborns

Free Welcome Baby Box For Newborns CharmPosh main

These are our top picks for the best places where to get your free welcome baby box for newborns.

1. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box get one CharmPosh

Available free exclusively to Amazon’s Prime customers, the Baby Registry Welcome Box contains some of the best full-sized products and coolest samples. This Baby Registry Welcome Box is valued at $35!

Amazon will allow Prime account holders to create and complete a Baby Registry using Checklist and purchase $10 from their registry (from themselves or gifters). The $10 threshold does not include tax or shipping costs. It also does not include purchases of Prime or Gift Cards. However, you have to wait until your $10 of purchases are shipped. Once your orders ship from the Amazon.com facility your requirement will be completed and you will be able to claim your box.

Enroll in Amazon Prime and next create a Amazon Baby Registry using the Checklist.

2. Walmart’s Welcome Box

Walmart's Welcome get one Box CharmPosh

A solution to help your baby with growth and development at every new stage. Walmart’s Welcome Box delivers free stage-relevant product samples to help you get a head start with Baby’s development. While the products vary, the purpose is to offer a free welcome box to babies during essential development stages.

Signup to get Walmart’s Welcome Box free today.

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3. Noobie Box – free pregnancy edition

Noobie Box free pregnancy edition CharmPosh

A box for moms-to-be filled with amazing products and samples, as well as coupons to use. Noobie Box – free pregnancy edition is fab for trendy moms. Each mother can receive one box per year. The content varies and moms can pre-order their free pregnancy box very simple and easy.

Hurry register for Noobie Box- free pregnancy edition right now.

4. Baby Box University

Baby Box University Free Box CharmPosh

Complete an online course created by local experts and get your free box from Baby Box University. Receive continued access to educational content including over 7,000 videos on a wide range of topics.

Join the Baby Box University to receive a free box.

5. White House Baby Birth Greeting 

White House Baby Greeting CharmPosh

Receive a birth greeting announcement from The White House. Experience the ultimate mail from The White House. Greetings are available for United States citizens only, for special occasions.  Your request must be received six (6) weeks in advance of the event date.

Under the Trump administration the Baby’s Birth (must be born during the Donald J. Trump Administration; send request only after baby’s birth). 

Baby’s Birth (Include baby’s date of birth and full names and address of baby and parents).

Request a Baby Birth Greeting from the White House today.


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