8 Empathy Kindness Acts For Girls

Empathy Kindness CharmPosh
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Raising girls to be strong beautiful women with “empathy” is a hot new demand.

So how do we create pretty girls inside and out, in a corrupt world full of so many influences lacking empathy for caring and kindness?

Let’s start by teaching empathy to girls, erasing mean girls from society and building a kinder and more loving world.

8 Empathy Kindness Acts For Girls

8 Empathy Kindness Acts For Girls CharmPosh

Why is empathy kindness needed for girls?

Well, everyone truly needs empathy kindness…for the sake of this post we are focusing on girls.

CharmPosh 8 Empathy Kindness Acts

Teach girls to spread random acts of kindness. This helps to build empathy mindfulness to become more caring.

1. Write a positive note and give it to someone you know.

2. Make a handmade card for a friend.

3. Offer to help someone before they ask.

4. Thank an adult for something nice and tell them why.

5. Allow someone to go before you in line or hold the door.

6. Try speaking to someone who looks lonely or shy.

7. Keep a journal of kindness acts and try to repeat them again.

8. Give a sincere compliment to someone new.


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