Candy Apples Get New Color Upgrades For Fall

tastemade rainbow candy apples CharmPosh
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Candy apples are getting a new bold color upgrade for Fall season. Where Fall festivals are turning into a gourmet show of beautiful stunning candy apples! Don’t worry, they also taste as good as they look….absolutely delicious!

From gorgeous purple to stunning pink and a variety of rainbow colors, this season your favorite treat is getting a new color flavor makeover upgrade from red and caramel.

Candy Apples

Candy Apples Fall Color Upgrades CharmPosh

These are some of our favorite pins with all fun recipes. 

Rainbow Candy Apples

Make candy apples that actually look like real candy with these fully customizable sweet treats.

Purple Candied Apples with Tutorial

The most wanted recipe on the planet for purple candy apples! Thank us later…


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