Best DIY Kids Halloween Costumes and Crafts

Best DIY Kids Halloween Costumes and Crafts CharmPosh
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This year Halloween costumes for kids are tremendously being inspired by DIY custom designs, from creating lifestyle looking Avocado toast to a Llama out of cardboard or the cutest Boss Baby. Winning Halloween costumes will show off “design creativity” and craft skills. 

To gain insight into which Halloween costumes and crafts are in popular demand for kids, everyone is looking to Pinterest which has over 300 million best Halloween ideas! Don’t forget to follow at our Pinterest home also, we are making sure to keep up with curating pins you love on a regular.

Best DIY Kids Halloween Costumes and Crafts

Best DIY Kids Halloween Costumes and Crafts CharmPosh

Llama Costume

Llama Costumes Bloglovin featured via CharmPosh

Photo credit featured via

Pinterest reports that Llama costumes pin trends are up by +382%. Visit Bloglovin to learn how to make this Llama Costume, here is what you’ll need: 

  • one cardboard box proportionate to the size of the person who will be wearing this costume
  • another cardboard box for the head and tail
  • thick ribbon or rope for the straps
  • decorative ribbon and yarn for the reins
  • acrylic craft paint

DIY Floating witch hat lights

DIY Floating witch hat lights Polkadotchair via CharmPosh

Photo credit featured via

Simply wow neighbors with spooky porch decor using Floating Witch Hat luminaries. Pinterest’s Floating witch hat lights pin trends have increased by +485%. Visit Polkadot Chair for simple DIY instructions to create Floating witch hat lights. 

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast HelloWonderful via CharmPosh

Photo credit featured via

Show off healthy lifestyle options with Avocado toast costumes. For Avocado toast pin trends on Pinterest are up +245%.  Visit Hello, Wonderful to create a DIY Avocado toast costume.

Boba Tea 

Boba Tea Ohhappyday via CharmPosh

Photo credit featured via

A massive Boba Tea is the perfect standout costume to calm this popular Taiwanese drink obsession. Pin trends on Pinterest for Boba Tea costumes have increased by +567%. Visit Oh Happy Day to create the perfect Boba Tea costumes. 

Materials Needed: Corrugated paper, gaffers tape, scissors, pencil, spray paint (in light pink), cardboard, measuring tape compass, hot glue gun, plastic roll, 19″ x 25″ sheet of cardstock, pink cellophane, clear cellophane, 1″ nylon webbing, 3″ clear plastic boxes, 5” mini balloons (in black), balloon hand pump.


Boss Baby Costumes findurfuture via CharmPosh

Photo credit featured via

Boss Baby is the very popular costume representing a top baby CEO. Pinterest pin trends for Boss Baby increased by +241%. Visit Find UR Future for ideas to create the cutest Boss Baby costume on the planet. 

Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkin Lanterns DesignLoveFest via CharmPosh


Pumpkin lanterns are super cool and chic Halloween decor crafts to get into the spirit of fall fun. Pin trends on Pinterest for Pumpkin lanterns have increased by +324%. Visit Design Love Fest to pull off this amazing DIY look for creating gorgeous Pumpkin lanterns as beautiful craftsmanship. 

Easy supplies need:

• pumpkins

• knives of various sizes, serrated knives work well

• metal spoons of various sizes

• drill and drill bits, wood worker’s spade bits are ideal for large

• holes

• masking tape

• pipe cleaners

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