Baby Secrets: How To Send Email To Your Baby

How To Send Email To Your Baby CharmPosh
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We love sharing baby secrets and this one is just too good to not share. For new moms and dads capturing every moment of a baby’s life is so very important.

Sure taking pictures helps to remember, however, a picture can’t always relate the story behind or about the image.

The intimate feelings that parents have with their baby are often never communicated properly.

OffSpring Lifehacker, suggests sending email to your baby!

Relating that while baby books are great, beyond handwritten notes emails will help to bring communications with your baby to life.

“A little pause, why didn’t I think of that first moment.” 

How To Send Email To Your Baby

Baby Secrets How To Send Email To Your Baby CharmPosh


Reserve a domain name and future website for your baby.

This is a common practice among celebrity parents. They always reserve their kids custom domain names and websites.

Setup an email address for your baby.

The email address will grow with your baby. You will be able to email your baby in the future about their first day of school, milestones, big accomplishments, etc.

Store the password in a safe place.

Select an important age in the future to gift your baby the password to read all your email communications.

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