Winter Wonderland Ants On Log Holiday Recipe Makeover

Winter Wonderland Ant On Log CHARMPOSH main 2
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To celebrate Christmas we like to give our “Ants On Log” recipe a festive winter wonderland holiday makeover look. Giving kids healthy snack mixes that are good for them and taste so delicious, too.

Winter Wonderland Ants On Log

Winter Wonderland Ants On Log CharmPosh

This makes the ideal healthy snack treat during the holidays. Just pull out your holiday style ants on a log platter to spread good tasteful cheer.

We love to get super fancy at Christmas time, this is how we makeover our holiday ants on log recipes. You will seriously want to keep this recipe idea around always.

It’s Cold Outside BABY! 

kids healthy snack mixes CHARMPOSH

The classic ants on a log recipe meet a winter wonderland snow forest makeover. 


Replace Celery Sticks with Fennel Stalks 

Once you cut up your fennel stalks to create a desired preference for log sizes.

Then you may also want to prepare some fennel stalks for healthy drinking straws.

Fennel stalks make great drinking straws to reduce plastic use and are much healthier for the planet.

Winter Wonderland Ant On Log CHARMPOSH 2


You can use the fronds from the fennel stalks to dress up your holiday platter. Make it look super fancy by adding cut up oranges and lemons to place over the fronds and on the logs when finished, creating a festive holiday platter that kids will love!

Ditch Peanut Butter for Almond Butter 

Did you know that almond butter is considered to be healthier than peanut butter? The reason why is that, almond butter contains more vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Plus almond butter is smoother and creamy looking. Spread the almond butter in the middle of your logs made from fennel stalks.

Winter Wonderland Ant On Log CHARMPOSH 1

Replace Raisins with Dried Red Cranberries 

Style your ants on logs for the holiday season, with pretty dried red cranberries by positioning them to look like ants on a log.

Let It, Snow!!

Winter Wonderland Ant On Log CHARMPOSH main 1


Bring on the snow because it’s so cold outside baby!

Sprinkle fresh shredded coconut all over for the best winter wonderland effect. Now your ants on a log have a truly festive holiday makeover, these are simply delicious.

Winter Wonderland Ant On Log CHARMPOSH main 2



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