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A Godparent plays a very special role in a child’s life. The Godparent proposal duty is also a major responsibility and not one to be taken likely. When taking on the role of a Godparent the assignment is a lifetime appointment. 

These are important matters for parents to consider when proposing to potential Godparents. 

Will The Godparent Be Responsible?

The role of a Godparent is a serious one in nature and requires a person to be responsible. It is the Godparent who must sponsor the baptism of a child. During the baptism, either a godmother or godfather (sometimes both) appears on behalf of the child at baptism. 

What Christian Faith Does The Godparent Have? 

It is the duty of the Godparent to pray for the child as well as to also care for the child. The Godparent must declare their Christian faith and direct the child in this same direction. 

Christening Gifts 

Godparents must also present the child with christening gifts. 

Lifetime Appointment 

It is the godmother who must oversee spiritual growth of the child by sharing her knowledge and philosophy beliefs. 

Further, the godmother becomes the guardian of the child if the child loses parents. 

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