Talented and Gifted 7th Graders SAT Scores, Path To Ivy League

Talented and Gifted 7th Graders SAT Scores, Path To Ivy League (2) CharmPosh
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Talented and Gifted 7th graders who take the SAT or ACT early, have very common traits when it comes to their test score results and path to Ivy league schools.

Firstly, the majority of these talented and gifted 7th graders are identified by their high performance on standardized tests. The best two programs that identify top performing talented and gifted students are Duke’s TIP or Johns Hopkins CTY.

Talented and Gifted 7th Graders SAT Scores, Path To Ivy League (1) CharmPosh

Duke Tip’s students qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on a grade-level standardized test. Enrollment provides benefits that last through the end of high school, including the opportunity to take the ACT or SAT, specialized publications, college prep advice, and access to educational programs.

Johns Hopkins CTY’s first step is to enrollment in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth through Talent Search, requiring a 95th percentile test score on a normalized or state test. Through above-grade-level testing, CTY will help you discover whether programs and services are right for your child and find the appropriate level of challenge to inspire your advanced learner.

The SAT and ACT are used as a general high school test for mainly college level admissions. Often times talented 7th graders taking the SAT or ACT with no prep, will encounter information that has not been covered or learned yet.

So, receiving results that are not the general norm should not cause alarm or worry.

Talented and Gifted 7th Graders SAT Scores, Path To Ivy League CharmPosh

Dr. Fred Zhang, is a co-founder of PrepScholar. He scored a perfect score on the SAT and is passionate about sharing information with aspiring students. He graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a PhD in Economics.

Dr. Zhang breaks down how to evaluate test results of talented and gifted 7th graders taking the SAT or ACT early.

A very important observation made by Dr. Zhang is that you should never use a table for high school students to examine a middle school student’s score, your results will be completely wrong.  

Dr. Zhang used a guide with data from Duke’s Tip and Johns Hopkins CTY, that is specifically crafted for talented and gifted middle school students.  

It was determined that 600 on the SAT was the average score (50% percentile) of an 7th grader taking the test. Also, the average SAT scores of a 7th grade student are lower than those of a high school student by 400 points and 10 points lower for the ACT.

What’s considered a good score for a 7th grader talking the SAT is 800, which is above average ranking in the 75th percentile. A great position to be with years for room to grow and learn new material and prep for taking the SAT and ACT in years to come when it counts.

An SAT score of 1000, for a 7th grader, is “excellent” and ranks in the 95th percentile, or any section scoring 500 ranking in the 95th percentile is also excellent. Any SAT section score of 400 for a 7th grader ranks in the 75th percentile, above average.

Achieving these top scores for 7th graders who place in the 75th and 95th percentile on the SAT or ACT, are good starts toward the Ivy League and getting accepted at top universities across the country.

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