Baby Nursery Trends 2019 From Serena & Lily We Love

The Seafarer Nursery CharmPosh
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When it comes to baby nursery trends for 2019, one of our favorite stores is Serena & Lily! We love absolutely everything about their style because it’s so Cali and feels like a coastal and relaxed home environment.

For designing a baby nursery Serena & Lily presents options to blend classic and modern lines. A solution to have a space for your baby that feels put together and still livable. Your baby will have a nursery room that will grow as the baby develops over time.

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Baby Nursery Trends 2019  CharmPosh Serena Lily

These are the ultimate California style nursery designs for your baby.

The Seafarer

The Seafarer Nursery CharmPosh

Shop The Seafarer

The Coastal Traditions

Coastal Traditions Nursery CharmPosh

Shop The Coastal Traditions

The Pierson

The Pierson Nursery CharmPosh

Shop The Pierson

The Adventurer

The Adventurer Nursery CharmPosh

Shop The Adventurer

The Growth Potential

Growth Potential Nursery CharmPosh

Shop The Growth Potential

The Explorer

The Explorer Nursery CharmPosh

Shop The Explorer

Shop more beautiful baby nursery options from Serena & Lily click here now for special offers.

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