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Collapsible Water Bottle 2 CharmPosh
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A water bottle is a handy and very healthy accessory habit. Keeping your body hydrated in winter or summer is super important and having the best water bottle style is everything!

From chic to classy if you prefer a silicone sleeve or fruit infused options to traditional glass. This is the IT list of best water bottles to rock your perfect style.


Press & Infuse Bottle

Press Infuse Bottle CharmPosh

This unique bottle lets you squeeze fresh fruit into the water without getting your hands sticky.  Order Now

Portable Glass Water Bottle

Portable Glass Water Bottle CharmPosh

Thanks to a silicone outer layer, it’s sturdy and easy to grip. Order Now

Find a Fountain Water Bottle

Find a Fountain Water Bottle CharmPosh

Finally, the brains: an app that locates the closest places to refill water for free.  Order Now

Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle CharmPosh

Pop this silicone water bottle open to quench your thirst, then collapse it flat (just over an inch) to stash it in your pocket, pack, or almost anywhere for space-saving travel or a light day hike.  Order Now

Drink More Water Bottle

Drink More Water Bottle CharmPosh

This water bottle is marked with motivational messages (Keep Going! Getting Close!) to remind you to sip your way through two full bottles of H2O per day.  Order Now

Water Bottle Style CharmPosh

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