How To Protect Baby Names With Blockchain Technology

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A desire to protect your baby’s name, shouldn’t be a privilege for only celebrity parents. All parents should have the ability to protect their baby names for the future.

Blockchain technology is now offering an alternative solution that’s even stronger than a trademark when it comes to protecting baby names!

We are always excited to learn about new technology and love sharing high-tech knowledge with our audience.

More and more parents are seeking solutions to protect the names of their new baby!

After all, selecting the perfect Baby name is a challenging task. To stay in the know follow CharmPosh on Pinterest at our Baby Names Board.

Every baby is very special and celebrity babies are not the only ones who need name protection.

The exact Baby name protection step-by-step formula all parents need will be revealed right here today!

When Charm was only 2 years old (now 13!) we secured this domain name!

One of the most common questions that we get asked all the time, “Why is CharmPosh not a trademark?”

While we didn’t trademark the name, mainly because Generic terms can never really be trademarks. Charm and Posh were simply two generic terms.

However, we have made CharmPosh a global brand!

We have also utilized CharmPosh in commerce first and maintain the first use of CharmPosh. Which also makes it very impossible for someone else to trademark the same name now or later. Which we could and would challenge anyone trying to obtain CharmPosh as a trademark because we used the name first in commerce.

Little hidden secret about trademarks, they don’t have to actually be filed over simply using the mark first in commerce…. Trademark law covers First to Use vs. First to File.

This is how the United States Patent and Trademark Office defines First Use, like date of first use anywhere is the date when (1) the goods were first sold or transported, or the services were first rendered, under the mark, and (2) such use was bona fide and in the ordinary course of trade.  

The date the mark was first used “anywhere” means such use in the United States or elsewhere, regardless of whether the nature of the use was local or national, intrastate or interstate, or of another type. 

The date of first use anywhere will always be earlier than or the same as the date of first use in commerce. 

For more information about a date of first use anywhere, see TMEP §§903.01903.031104.10(b)(iv)1109.09(a).

According to, to acquire ownership of a trademark, it is not enough to have invented the mark first or even to have registered it first; the party claiming ownership must have been the first to actually use the mark in commerce. Therefore, a party pursuing a trademark claim must meet a threshold “use in commerce” requirement.

We created CharmPosh and turned the site into a global brand as result, also have several strategic alliance partnerships including with even Amazon Fashion! Stay tuned because we have our new summer 2019 collection coming soon available on Amazon Fashion and for Prime Delivery!

So many celebrities often choose to trademark the names of their babies. At the same time, celebrity parents also fail to monetize their baby names and cause their trademarks to be rejected upon renewal or denied for approval.

Another major problem for some celebrities is that the trademarks they seek for their babies are already owned by someone else or have been used in commerce first.

Where Beyoncé and Jay-Z were unsuccessful the first time around in securing a trademark for their daughter Blue Ivy Carter. In early 2012, the couple attempted to first register their daughter Blue Ivy Carter’s name as a trademark in the U.S. and then also internationally. The trademark was rejected.

“Try and try again,” However, in January of 2016 the couple filed for a
TRADEMARK SERVICE MARK and secured Blue Ivy Carter as a trademark through BGK Trademark Holdings, LLC and attorney Jonathan D. West.

In 2017, through the same firm and representation, the power couple filed to secure the trademark names for their twins “Sir Carter” and “Rumi Carter, which they were also successful.

However, as of yet the Carter family have still failed to monetize trademarks secured for their kids. Not using the names in commerce can result in rejection of trademark renewals.

For instance, Kardashian-Jenner sisters, in particular, Kim and Kylie are pros when it comes to being obsessed with securing trademarks for their babies. Plus we are certainly sure they will have no problem figuring out tons of ways to monetize trademarks for their babies.

Protect Baby Names With Blockchain Featured on CharmPosh

Vox reports that Kim Kardashian holds registrations for her three children “North West,” “Saint West,” and “Chicago West” and Kylie Jenner recently made headlines for filing paperwork for the trademarks “Stormi Webster” and “Stormiworld,” a portmanteau of her daughter’s name and her boyfriend Travis Scott’s most recent album Astroworld, which was also the theme of Stormi’s first birthday party.

A trademark never dies if it is constantly in use. This is also a major problem, if a trademark doesn’t remain in use it will die.

How To Protect Baby Names Using Blockchain Technology Featured on CharmPosh

This is where Blockchain technology saves the day!

As many of you likely know, is owned and operated by Uply Media, Inc.

Which we receive a commission for all purchases from this site to links recommend for Blockchain Domain purchases. 

Recently, our company established an affiliate partnership with Unstoppable Domains!

This company is the leader in Blockchain technology for the use of domain names as assets that sit on top of a smart contract like the Ethereum platform!

When parents purchase their baby names as a Blockchain Domain, the parent is the one who holds ownership as the private key wallet holder and operator. 

Celebrity kids and baby names are already being listed as “Taken” for Blockchain Domain names!

How To Protect Baby Names Using Blockchain Technology Featured on

You guessed it, “Blue Ivy Carter” is already Taken, so expect to see BlueIvyCarter.Zil on Zilliqa (ZIL) Mainnet network.

Celebrity Baby Names Taken As Blockchain Domain CharmPosh

Blockchain Domains are super powerful and are also a new asset class for investments. The standard cost of investment is only $10 (covering two years). However, premium listings can cost $250 or more. With some domain names not being offered for pre-purchase and will only be available on 5/31/2019 the day of the auction. All these Blockchain Domains will go live in June 2019. Most common baby names listing first and last names can be purchased for only $10 through our special offer right here from our site using instructions below.

Blockchain Technology Baby Name Protection Step-by-Step Formula

Protect Baby Names Using Blockchain Featured on CharmPosh

1.Decide Baby Name/ Kids Name For Blockchain Domain

Decide the specific name you would like to secure as a Blockchain Domain. For best results to pay only $10, try putting “First and Last names” placed together.

For example, if your baby’s first name is Isla and her last name is James, put the two together as “IslaJames” to secure a Blockchain domain as a baby name.

This is what we got when putting IslaJames together for a Blockchain domain. Allowing us to make a purchase for $10 covering 2 years and $5 renewal in the third year.

How To Register Blockchain Domains For Baby Names Featured on CharmPosh

2. Sign Up For An Unstoppable Domains Account

From our CharmPosh site go over to register for an Unstoppable Domains account Click Here.

Sign Up first because you must Sign In to make all purchases.

Sign Up To Purchase Blockchain Domains For Baby Names Featured on CharmPosh

Once you Sign Up check your email to complete verification so that you may next Sign In and make your purchase.

3. Sign In To Your Unstoppable Domains Account

Once inside the website platform select “Get a new domain” to enter your baby name or kids name choice.

Get New Domain Blockchain Domains For Baby Names Featured on CharmPosh

Congratulations! You have now secured your baby name using Blockchain technology and created a valuable asset class.

Hurry, don’t miss out on securing your baby name (or kids) with a Blockchain Domain! From our CharmPosh site go over to register for an Unstoppable Domains account Click Here.

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