Hot Cocoa For Hot Chocolate Lovers Holiday Drink Station

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Nothing brings people together like spending time over delicious hot cocoa and satisfying taste buds for superior hot chocolate lovers during the holiday season.

For the holiday season, it’s always a really big hit among kids and adults to add a holiday drink station packed with hot cocoa for the biggest hot chocolate lovers to enjoy. A special treat to make everyone super happy while enjoying the holidays and spending time together.

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When it comes to creating the perfect Hot Cocoa For Hot Chocolate Lovers Holiday Drink Station, we so admire Williams Sonoma! “Simply because nobody does it better than they do it!”


If you want to create an over the top holiday drink station, we got you covered. Your guests will feel like walking into a luxury hotel, once they see your amazing holiday drink station.

This is our list of the top things you will need for the occasion. Every single detail matters, from preparation to designer mugs and all the sweet toppings and fixings that taste so good. Setting the mood for the ultimate experience that will be unforgettable.

Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate Pot


Engineered for uniform heating, the heavy-gauge steel pot is finished with a durable, glossy enamel coating.

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Breville Hot Choc & Froth


Great for everything from velvety hot chocolate and frothy cappuccinos to adult-and kid-friendly lattes.

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Hot Cocoa Kit


Start by stirring the custom blend of premium bittersweet and semisweet chocolate shavings into hot milk. Top with fluffy handmade vanilla mini marshmallows, then stir with a peppermint candy stick.

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Williams Sonoma Peppermint North Poles


Perfect for stirring hot chocolate or serving as after-dinner mints, these thin, crisp confections also make great stocking stuffers, party favors or package decorations.

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Mini Vanilla Marshmallows


Fragrant vanilla lends creamy flavor that naturally enhances steamed milk, cocoa, and eggnog.

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12 Days of Christmas Mugs, Set of 6, Mixed


Make the season merry with porcelain mugs inspired by the beloved holiday carol “The 12 Days of Christmas.” 

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Double-Wall Coffee Mug


Two walls of borosilicate glass produce an insulating layer that keeps freshly brewed drinks piping hot while remaining cool to the touch outside.

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St. Jude Gold Heart Mugs


Designed and available exclusively through us, each set sold benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.

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Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate & Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Set


Classic: Inspired by the hot chocolate served in Parisian cafés, this hot chocolate is made with Guittard bittersweet chocolate shavings for rich, creamy flavor.

Salted Caramel: A custom blend of Guittard’s finest semisweet and milk chocolates, infused with creamy caramel for buttery richness and a hint of pure sea salt to highlight the delicate sweetness.

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Williams Sonoma Peppermint Hot Chocolate


Master chocolatiers custom blend Guittard’s finest bittersweet and semisweet chocolates, infusing the mixture with a dash of pure peppermint oil. 

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Williams Sonoma Double Dark Hot Chocolate


Double the pleasure of hot chocolate with this signature blend, showcasing two premium dark chocolates. 

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