Teaching Kids To Build Motivation Skills Without Materialistic Involvement

Teaching Kids To Build Motivation Skills Without Materialistic Involvement main CharmPosh
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Despite having more than enough of everything, kids today lack motivation without materialistic involvement. So much that caring about others and having empathy is increasingly disappearing.

“Are you making the big mistake of motivating your child with materialistic rewards?”

Most parents are guilty of gifting their kids’ super expensive tech gadgets for birthdays and holidays. While those who can’t afford to, are left feeling guilty for not being able to purchase these same high-end tech gadgets.

Parents are in a competition by constantly taking to social media to show off lavish birthday parties, luxury vacations, sports affiliations, and so much more.

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“How do you find the balance between necessity and keeping up with the Kardashians?

Most parents who are blessed to purchase nice things for their kids. Also, admit they enjoy buying expensive products “especially if” they couldn’t afford them as a child.

Parents don’t necessarily have to give kids things to overindulge. Beyond buying experience gifts, parents can also overindulge by not giving enough discipline. As well as allowing kids too much freedom to entertain themselves with electronics and games.

There is too little emphasis placed on caring for the wellbeing of others and not enough empathy. Parents find taking away items such as “smartphones” to be the most effective source for punishment. Proving technology and electronics are held as prized possessions to the majority of kids.

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Here are some simple solutions to help kids build motivation skills without materialistic involvement.

Reward Gratitude – Praise kids for being grateful and appreciative of what they have and don’t associate happiness with having more.

“Start a gratitude journal and find daily motivation in appreciation for the things you have right now.”

Value Quality Time – Participate in experiences that bring you closer together. Take family walks, organize weekly movie nights at home, play board games, etc.

“There is no price tag for spending quality time together as a family.”

Show Acts Of Kindness – Practice being kind to others often, discuss how you can help those less fortunate in your community and donate to a local charity.

“Make it a point to always show acts of kindness, teach your child to thank staff and service workers.”

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