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Making Oobleck is the hottest science project craze going on right now, especially for Coronavirus, COVID-19 at-home learning.

As many kids across America and in other countries are having to do school from home online.


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If you are familiar with “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” book by Dr. Seuss written in 1949, then you know what Oobleck is!

Oobleck is a sequel of sorts to The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, which explores the adventures of a young boy named Bartholomew Cubbins, who must rescue his kingdom from a sticky green substance called “Oobleck.”

As a science project Oobleck is very unique because it can behave as both a solid and a liquid.

Sir Isaac Newton proposed that fluids should flow at a predictable, constant rate. These are known as “Newtonianfluids.

Oobleck belongs to a class of materials known as “non-Newtonian” fluids.

So let’s get ready to conduct scientific research to make Oobleck!

Did you know that you actually likely have non-Newtonian fluids in your home just like Oobleck?

Do you have any ketchup or mayonnaise at home?

Then you have non-Newtonian fluids just like Oobleck already in your home.

To make Oobleck you will need:


Start by mixing 2 cups of cornstarch to 1 cup of water into your mixing bowl. Mix the cornstarch and water until your Oobleck is formed. If you have green food coloring or color of preference add this to your water and then mix the cornstarch.

Oobleck Science Projects

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