Easy Six-Step Strategy To Create A Family Vision Board For 2022


It’s a New Year and time to set new goals! Creating a family vision Board can be a super fun way to help kids achieve their goals in 2022 and beyond.

Follow this easy innovative six-step inspiration hack for creating family vision boards for the New Year and beyond!
Each family member should customize their individual vision boards. Moms and Dads should create individual vision boards, too.

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Using Canva click here, we will explore features to create an electronic vision board that will help each family member gain inspiration to achieve their specific goals for the New Year and beyond!

When done each family member gets to show off their vision board during a family fun night presentation. Perfect for connecting with distant family members also via Zoom conferences.

One thing for certain is Canva has everything necessary to help your vision board look amazing. Going digital is a much smarter option today.

Vision 1

Show favorite things that you see yourself doing or would like to do on your vision board.

Vision 2

Reveal images of activities and hobbies on your vision board that you plan to do or would like to start.

Vision 3

Include images of many things you enjoy about your life right now on your vision board. Perfect opportunity to show appreciation for what you currently have right now. Include anything significant from mobile phones to vacation photos.

Vision 4

Envision what makes you happy by showing images of what happiness looks like on your vision board.

Vision 5

Paint a perfect picture of what your future will look like. Include images of your future achievements on your vision board. Examples could be getting making honor roll for kids, while parents might see themselves starting a new business or receiving a promotion.

Vision 6

Represent what the things you dream about and wish for look like on your vision board. Don’t be shy show all the dreams you wish to come true. Dreams should be the highest goals you set for yourself.


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