Get an eCommerce Listing on’s online shopping portal. Use digital marketing to drive traffic back to your company’s website. We specialize in kids and family lifestyle products and services to target directly to consumers ready to make online purchases. 

Receive the following:

  • 30 Days Promotions (1 Month) on CharmPosh’s Online Shopping Portal (In Listing Category, example Baby Stroller, etc). 
  • Drive Credibility With Shop’s Top Pick “Front Page” High Traffic Exposure Feature. 
  • Native Ad “Sponsored” Feature To Drive Traffic Back To Company’s Website (Sell directly to consumers ready to buy online driving traffic to your site).
  • 24/7 Digital Marketing Promotions (Build brand awareness and credibility). 
  • Image Promotions (Up to 3 images).

Total Cost: $297 (Retail Value $1,750)

eCommerce Listing appears as a Native Ad that is “Sponsored”  on’s online shopping portal. 

See example of eCommerce Listing for Baby Stroller click here.

Each category is listed to best attract target audience looking to purchase specific kids and family lifestyle products and services online. “Baby Stroller” is used above as an example of a popular category listing.

Native Ad can be listed as Sponsored or Sponsored Affiliate Link.

All eCommerce Listings are on a first come, first serve basis. Spaces fill up fast, please book order now to reserve and secure spot.


  1. After purchasing an eCommerce Listing you will be redirected to an instructions page provide a URL link back to the website to complete the purchase of the product being listed in’s Online Shopping Portal.
  2. You must have an online store payment method already set up to make the purchase from your website.
  3. All eCommerce Listings* must be related to kids fashion, baby, family, lifestyle, travel, mom style, etc. No adult content or gambling listings allowed. A $35 processing refund fee will apply to any adult content or gambling site listings.
  4. Your eCommerce Listing will go live in 72-Hours or less. You will receive an email notification once your listing is live on’s Online Shopping Portal.

*All listings subject to approval. Services nonrefundable, listing removal may be granted upon request anytime during eCommerce Listing campaign promotions. If your listing is rejected you will receive a refund for services. No refund for services rendered. Each eCommerce Listing holds a space.

For questions please contact

Phone Contact: 404-806-0548

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