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Meet Karen Smith-Patton our Fitness Instructor who is also Charm’s personal fitness instructor. Charm’s little secret for looking Charm Posh Fit all the time. We invite you to partner with CharmPosh.com to build a flexible fitness plan for your child. We offer personalized one-on-one training! Plus we can also offer custom individualized video training!  To get started please contact us at info@charmposh.com .

About Karen Smith-Patton:
Karen Smith-Patton is a new kind of fitness instructor with a fresh and fun approach on staying healthy! With over twenty years of experience in dance ranging from ballet, to Bollywood, and ten years of experience in teaching. She has worked with kids of all ages, all backgrounds and abilities. Karen has also taught competitive dance, and is an award winning choreographer.
Karen believes that fitness should be fun! "All children deserve to be healthy! Crank up their music and get on their level. Just have fun with them! There is so much pressure on kids to make good grades, and fit in, and take part in competitive activities . They need an outlet where they can be themselves and start setting good foundations for healthy lifestyles. And the time to start is now!"
Her unique style of teaching is a combination of dance, yoga and aerobics. Not only does she teach proper movement and technique, but she also educates students on why we do the things we do. "What muscles are we using in this stretch and how will this help us in our daily lives?" She gives tips on healthy snacks we can eat that are good for us, but still taste great, talks about how much water we should drink and why, and teaches stretches kids can do themselves at home to increase their flexibility!
Karen Smith-Patton believes that each and every child is a dancer, a yogi and aerobic student. It’s just a matter of finding the right style of movement for each kid. It’s all around fitness for the body, mind and soul.


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