It’s time for a true springtime fairy tale in the world of girls dresses. Modern designs in chic high-fashion for today’s fresh “young girl” to celebrate their own personal beauty.

Here are our picks for girls dresses in fairy tale enchanting styles. We are big fans of these two dresses which are in hot demand for spring summer 2015 girls fashion.

Dolce & Gabbana Junior

The cutest jersey girls dress with standout poplin black and white stripe print skirt. From the Dolce & Gabbana spring summer 2015 line for kids.

Dolce Gabbana Junior Rose Print Stripe Jersey Dress

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A very pretty fancy chic dress for a young girl that is lightweight with lots of comfort. The most in-demand style for girls this spring and summer is the Asymmetric bow, a must have. Stunning aqua design with gold line trim on the bow makes this dress a standout piece.

Chloe Asymmetric Dress and Bow CharmPosh

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