When it comes to kids shoes many styles are available in the marketplace. There are designs for athletic, sneakers, dress, boots, sandals, casual and so on. They can be purchased new, handmade, or vintage. Trendy footwear is popular for baby shoes, girls shoes, boys shoes, and school shoes.

Kids shoes are hot accessories when it comes to mini fashion in a big way. Foot-gear is equally as important to match chic trendy clothes children wear. Keeping up with trends for what kids are rocking on their feet has become an essential fashion necessity.

Foot health is especially important for growing feet. With some many footwear options increasingly buying kids shoes online and on mobile devices has also grown very popular.

Children Shoes

#1 Never allow a child to wear a shoe that is too small, no matter what. Children need shoes that provide good arch support and the material should be breathable because their feet are growing tending to sweat a lot. Wearing shoes that are too small for children can lead to damaging adult foot problems in the future.

#2 Never allow a child to wear a shoe size that is more than one size too big. When wearing shoes more than one size too big can result in trips and falls when trying to walk.

#3 U.S. and U.K. sizing systems chart measurements have two differences.

#4 European measurements sizing notation system is the same for a baby, child, and adults.

#5 Youth sizes 5.5 is equivalent to an size 7 for an adult female and size 6 for adult male.

Baby Shoes

Infant feet grow the fastest and during the first year of a child’s life feet grow almost half of their adult shoe size. Soft booties are top choices for footwear suitable for babies.

Toddler Shoes

Most toddlers will began to walk around 10 to 18 months. At this age ½ an inch clearance to the toe is ultimate growing room.

Happy Shoe Shopping!

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