Balmain Paris Girls White Jersey Holographic PVC Logo Dress


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The ultimate Mini-me high fashion outfit for young girls with super style. Fresh from the fashion runway, this look is a “New Season” most wanted-must have so don’t miss out. Hurry order soon, will not last long as popular sizes will sell out really quickly. Once it’s gone, its gone forever.

Description’s Mini-Me Fashion Editor top pick! This outfit is SO CharmPosh “Had us at Hello” representing every detail that is French luxury. Balmain Paris for girls is the future of empowered girl power through clothing that is inclusive and diverse.

A fresh from the runway look, white extra soft cotton jersey with Balmain Paris holographic PVC logo for young girls. Available in sizes 4 years to 16 years old. The signature piece to this stunning outfit is the above the knee length shiny black holographic PVC skirt that matches the PVC “Balmain Paris” logo.

This mini-me fashion runway look is so tailored that it screams “I have my own stylist” picking all my outfits.

We love this look for social media moments, out of a uniform day at school, birthday parties, special family outings, etc. 

P.S. This is the ultimate outfit for Mini-me social media pictures, it looks great in repeat settings. The perfect outfit for repeat appearances to look great again and again. Easily take a picture for social media at a birthday party and then take a later picture for social media wearing this same outfit at a playdate! When it comes to repeats, this outfit looks so amazing in varies settings. The black and white combo with shiny black holographic PVC  logo and matching black holographic PVC skirt makes this outfit a standout attraction similar to a limited edition piece.



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