WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder Electronic Fairy Jar



*Please hurry to buy now, this item is expected to be sold out soon for the holidays! Pre-order today or check back soon if sold out!



WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder Electronic Fairy Jar in PINK is the most wanted Holiday gift for girls! Don’t miss out hurry to order fast to make sure you secure it. This item is expected to be sold out everywhere soon.

YOUR NEW BFFS – Bond with your fairies by saying hello, hugging, and feeding them. To say hello, open the heart-shaped lid and talk to your fairy – they will always say hello back! You can even show how much you love your fairy by giving her a hug or a kiss! Play the mini-game by guiding your fairy through the clouds to reach a new high score!

MAGICAL JAR – Open the heart-shaped lid on your Fairy Finder and watch a magical light show as a virtual fairy finds its home inside your jar! Increase your chances of collecting ultra-rare fairies by playing the mini-game and bringing your jar to new locations! The more you play with your Fairy Finder, the more fairies you’ll catch!

FAIRIES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – There’s always a fairy to find! Search for fairies in your bedroom, in the kitchen, outside in the garden, and even upside down! The fun of finding fairies never ends no matter where you are. Which fairies will fly onto your screen?!

FIND MY FAIRY APP – While your Fairy Finder is fully functional offline, you can download the Find My Fairy app to view your entire collection and learn fun facts about every fairy you catch! Plus, keep an eye out for secret codes that will allow you to unlock new virtual fairies throughout the year!


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