A posh child friendly restaurant located in New York, NY. Sweetiepie is a kid’s fantasy dining experience. A favorite of top celebs and locals alike. Known as the ultimate kids parties venue in the NYC. An amazing menu that will delight kids in adult company to also be delighted.


As CharmPosh.com is a connoisseur of Afternoon tea parties, we would have to confess Sweetiepie is the ultimate afternoon tea party experience for the young and posh. They offer a wide selection of teas, tea sandwiches and tea cakes.


Sweetiepie is enchanting a wonderland ice cream parlor and lunch experience with a full sweet elegant bar. The main attraction outside of the food being so child friendly and tasteful is the Sweetiepig! A sponge cake with fresh whipped cream healthy fruits like bananas and strawberries over 18 scoops of ice cream! This is a real treat..

Sweetiepie Restaurant

19 Greenwich Ave (between Christopher and 10th)

New York, NY, 10014


Menu Highlights

Macaroni and Cheese

with american, sharp aged cheddar and parmesan. $15

LeRoy Salad

chopped with boston bibb lettuce, diced tomatoes, eggs, avocado, cheddar, beets, chicken, balsamic vinaigrette. $17

Spaghetti and Meatballs

vegetarian meatball option available. $18

Trio of Micro Cakes

orange, lemon and chocolate. $12

Candy S’creamer!

3 scoops of ice cream topped with a mountain of candy. $13


sponge cake, whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, 18 scoops of ice cream. $75

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