©TeeniBoppers by CHARMPOSH

Introducing TeeniBoppers by CHARMPOSH from Uply Media, Inc a fanciful digital asset collection of NFTs for Web3 decentralized networks and Metaverse virtual worlds born on individual super soft white clouds. Displaying uniqueness stamped with the CHARMPOSH authenticity seal.

These TeeniBoppers are origin to Ethereum and will have future origins with other Blockchain ecosystems. A new opportunity that marks their inaugural debut to float, expand, and explore without limitation boundaries.

Rumor has it, this is the next BIG thing in NFTs. Inside their atmospheres, every digital asset is operated by and under the total control of teenage geniuses on each origin exploring Blockchain ecosystems. Don’t ever underestimate any of them, this group of close friends is destined to be fierce innovators. Where the undisclosed teenage geniuses all hold different characteristics of emerging features and benefits.

Ownership awards distinguished privileges inside a member’s only novel top-secret society club full of wild adventures and undiscovered zones connected to hidden clues. TeeniBoppers are on a strict mission preparing for a complete world domination takeover. This cool community will also distribute its first Token Swap on Polygon in L2 and have big plans that include expanding to future origins as they grow the newly developing virtual economies.

Ready to float with us?